Polished concrete is an ideal choice for low maintenance commercial and industrial project

Polished concrete is highly durable and does not require maintenance.

At Diamond Works Concrete Solutions we offer a wide variety of finishes, from low sheen, anti-slip floors to high sheen, decorative floors that can even reduce lighting costs.

Polished concrete is an ideal material for any interior renovation or space design.

It is highly durable and does not require maintenance. At Diamond Works Concrete Solutions we offer you professional installation services for any project.

Although polished concrete shares very similar characteristics to traditional concrete, it has new qualities that we recommend you consider when selecting a floor. The first and most notable is that after it is poured and dry it undergoes a cutting and polishing process for a much more striking and neat result.  

Many different looks can be achieved with polished concrete. By cutting more of the surface off, different types of aggregate can be exposed. The top layer can be left for an industrial looking “cream polish” sand aggregate can be exposed for a “salt and pepper” look, or the actual rock can be showing for a “full exposed aggregate” finish!

After applying the polishing technique, a flat, smooth and shiny surface is obtained, which gives an extraordinary result. Specially designed for use in commercial spaces as it is resistant to changes in climate and the passage of time.

It is ideal for spaces with high traffic, even the heaviest, so it is in high demand in areas such as airports, commercial premises, hospitals, museums, or any area with a lot of public influx.

At Diamond Works we will take care of the conditioning of your floor, we always strive to give you a flat, neat surface free of imperfections and with an elegant finish. Whether it is for your home or business, you can trust our professional service.

About this Process

It is an economical material to install and requires little care. Polished concrete is resistant to water, sunlight, wind, and weather changes, so it is very durable, which is why it offers years of warranty. Resists high traffic and weight so no cracks or chips are generated on its surface. Repels dust and stays shiny. The final result is very attractive since it manages to reflect the light creating more illuminated spaces that look elegant and modern.

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How long does rubber paving last?

The average lifespan of rubber paving on a driveway is 25 years.  Our rubber pavement is known to last even longer on foot traffic surfaces! The advantages of rubber pavement cannot be overstated; it is inexpensive, adaptable, eco-friendly and family-friendly. It is not surprising that rubber paving is so popular among homeowners as an all-in-one driveway paving choice.

It's sustainable, durable, safe, environmentally friendly, and Diamond Works Concrete brings all of that for you in a neat package. Moreover, our rubber paving is both sturdy and flexible. Best of all, upkeep is incredibly minimal. Let us work our magic for you and you can sit back and relax.

How does Diamond Works Concrete install your rubber paving?

We repair any cracks or major damage to your surface prior to mixing your personalized color blend.

Our responsive team at Diamond Works Concrete will install your paving from early spring to late fall depending to avoid night time freezing temperatures.

We are unable to install in the rain. Before we can install, the weather must be dry. Rain is helpful after the driveway has been laid since it hastens the curing process!

Is rubber paving cheaper than concrete?

Recycled rubber surfacing is around 40% cheaper than replacing the same size concrete surface and will not fracture or shift like concrete. Why people continue to choose the rubber paving services at Diamond Works Concrete time and again is because of our budget-friendly prices in exchange of which you receive one of the best qualities of work there is!

What exactly is Diamond Works Concrete rubber paving?

Diamond Works Concrete rubber paving services is an economical option to resurface your split and damaged driveways, walkways, entrance, and patios. It consists of recycled materials and may be laid directly on your existing crumbling or cracked concrete, asphalt and wood or even build new surfaces that produce a beautiful and attractive aesthetics. The reason why we have so many returning customers is because they find us trust-worthy and their needs wonderfully fulfilled when left in our care.

How much does our rubber paving service cost?

If you want our rubber paving layered on top of your existing driveway, you can expect $8.00 to $11.00 for each square foot added. If on top of your old gravel, anywhere between $11.00-$15.00 per square foot can be expected. When you need thorough foundation prep, you may anticipate between $16.00-$20.00 per square foot. It is common knowledge that Diamond Works Concrete offers the lowest prices in the rubber paving market that can seamlessly cover all your needs in a moderate budget. Check out the details of our service list so as to available this opportunity yourself!

Financing is available to fit any budget!


How to clean rubber paving?

Fortunately, for our rubber pavements simple water scrubbing can assist to eliminate almost any mark. It is safe to use a hose or pressure washer to rinse off the surface. 

You won't have to bother about drying anything as rubber pavement doesn't also absorb water. Just wait for a sunny day and let the sun dry it up once you have cleaned! Diamond Works Concrete also works tirelessly in order to create rubber pavements for you which will require very maintenance.

Can you get different colours with Diamond Works Concrete rubber paving?

Our rubber paving choices come in a large array of colours. The options we can limitless for complimenting or accentuating your house or property. Diamond Works Concrete will help you every step of the way right from design to installation. Please check our details out for a free estimate on your project's colour mix!

Benefits of Diamond Works Concrete rubber paving:

1) Since rubber pavement is elastic, it will stretch and move, unlike concrete.

2) Continuous wear and exposure to summer/winter as well wet and dry conditions are manufactured in tires. Because rubber pavement is created from recycled tires, the driveway, sidewalk and a range of other applications offer the same quality.

3) Don't spend more on taking out your cracked concrete driveway or floor.  Rubber paving is directly installed on your current surface, therefore no removal costs are incurred.

4) When you choose to pave your surfaces with rubber you are saving hundreds of tires from being dumped in a landfill. Making your choice for a supremely durable surface is also eco-friendly.

5) As opposed to concrete or asphalt, salting does not create a pit on the paved surface of the rubber. Discover a new traction degree! Paved rubber holds your feet and tires firmly onto the road. Let the sunlight melt the snow away. In winter, rubber paving absorbs sunshine and often melts it before it can build up.

How do you clean rubber paving?

A mop can be used to purify regions with stains. Slide over the affected area with soap and wipe it over and let it dry.  Repeat if required.

How is the rubber paving in winter?

Rubber pavement has a porous textured surface, which provides a surface that snow and ice can't stick to. For starters, water does not easily pool on the surface, decreasing the thin coating of glare ice that causes many accidents and accidents.

Second, the textured surface makes it simpler to scrape thicker snow/ice layers than concrete, where the lowest layer of ice adheres with fierce tenacity. It is OK to use salt or any other de-icer if necessary. It is safe to use any snowblower or shovel.

Diamond Works Concrete rubber pavement gives a higher grip than conventional pavement material, even when frozen, avoiding slips and falls. Snow shovels and snow blowers will not harm the surface, and snow and ice will be readily removed from rubber pavement.